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Take the First Step

Membership in the Rotary Club of Oldsmar/Eastlake begins when you come to a meeting. After you check in, a Rotary Club member will serve as your host that day. After the meeting, our membership chair will contact you to get to know you, and tell you all about Club of Oldsmar/Eastlake and becoming a member.

Membership Application:

Once an Oldsmar/Eastlake Rotary member chooses to sponsor you, he or she will guide you to complete the membership application and will propose your membership to the board of directors on your behalf.

Annual Membership Dues = $175
(Membership dues are billed annually)


Dual Membership

Dual Membership allows you to appoint a second person to your membership who may attend the weekly meetings in your absence. The secondary member is welcome and encouraged to participate in all other club activities as well. The goal of the Dual Membership is to expose others to the Rotary Club of Oldsmar/Eastlake by sharing your meeting with another person when you are unable to attend.

Annual Dual Membership Dues = $295
(Membership dues are billed annually)

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership offers two memberships: one for the ?corporate sponsoring member?, and a second ?attending member? (someone from the organization who will regularly attend meetings and participate in club activities). Both enjoy the benefits of membership and are listed in the directory as active members.To apply for corporate membership, please contact an active member of the Rotary Club of Oldsmar/Eastlake for sponsorship or fill out the Membership Application form below then mail application and check to:
Annual Corporate Membership Dues = $495
(Membership dues are billed annually)

Rotary Club of Oldsmar-Eastlake Corporate Membership Application

Mail to:
Rotary Club of Oldsmar/Eastlake
PO BOX 1372
Oldsmar FL 34677