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The Seminar for Tomorrow?s Leaders (S4TL)
The Seminar for Tomorrow?s Leaders or S4TL is sponsored by Rotary Districts 6890, 6950 and 6960. Approximately 200 Rotary sponsored delegates from more than 150 high schools participate in this week long program. Daily activities include exciting lectures, discussions, rap sessions, and demonstrations of those principles which enable an individual to lead others.
Incoming high school seniors attending the SEMINAR FOR TOMORROW?S LEADERS are challenged to utilize all available skill, knowledge, talent, expertise, and intelligence toward specific goals and objectives. The ultimate objective/goal of S4TL is for each student to leave the Seminar with a new awareness of himself/herself, and be more finely tuned to utilize their God-given abilities to serve others in leadership capacities throughout life.
The SEMINAR FOR TOMORROW?S LEADERS is composed of first year Rotary sponsored delegates, second year delegates called Junior Staff Leaders, and third year delegates called Non-Rotarian Senior Staff.
DELEGATES are the high school students Rotary Clubs send to the Seminar. Only those delegates selected for Junior Staff may return for a second year.
The Seminar Director and the Rotarian staff choose JUNIOR STAFF LEADERS from the previous year?s delegates. Selections are made based on having demonstrated outstanding leadership skills warranting an invitation to participate for a second year.
NON-ROTARIAN SENIOR STAFF members are chosen from the previous year?s Junior Staff Leaders. The ROTARIAN SENIOR STAFF is comprised of dedicated Rotarian volunteers and their spouses.
Delegates sponsored by The Rotary Club of Oldsmar/Eastlake are selected from local high schools with the combined recommendation of the principals, guidance counselors and then our interview with them. The Rotary Club of Oldsmar/Eastlake sponsors a high school student to attend this seminar each year. Last year S4TL delegate was Menika Wijesinwardena from Palm Harbor University High School.