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  1. Equipment & Supplies for Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in Tacloban, Philippines.

    Our Rotary Club is leading the local area Rotary Clubs in coordinating medical supplies for humanitarian assistance to the Philippines by January 31st to ship out in February 2019. Right at the end...
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    Updated Registration Form

    Updated Registration Form

  3. Updated Sponsor Letter & Commitment Form

    Updated Sponsor Letter & Commitment Form.


  4. Rotary Foundation - Be A Gift To The World

    Rotary Foundation - Be A Gift To The World
  5. Our S4TL Delegate From Palm Harbor University High School.

    We welcomed Ashton Bedlack, this year?s S4TL delegate to our club today August 09, 2018 to discuss her wonderful, life-changing experience at the Seminar For Tomorrow?s Leaders at US Southern College...
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    District Governor Visit.

    We welcomed District Governor Dr. Eloy Nu?ez and his wife Maria to our club today August 09, 2018. As part of the traditional annual DG club visit, DG Eloy Nu?ez discussed club matters with the...
  7. Visiting Rotarian From Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise.

    We were thrilled to have a visiting Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise, Bahamas. Nassau Sunrise is the international partner club in our "Oldsmar Cares Food Bank" Global Grant Project. ...
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